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Technical assistance 

This service is available through Accredited Technicians, and includes the following activities:

  • Technical assistance through field visits and technical advice in the office or by telephone contact;

  • Support to decision making;

  • Support in the preparation of the Field Book;

  • Soil, leaf and water analysis.

Grape Moth Monitoring and Control

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Monitoring the water status of the vine

Through the in loco Foliar Water Potential, AVIPE monitors the vine's water status. 

Application to the Vineyard Restructuring Program

Weather Forecasts

AVIPE presents a forecasting service, thus reducing risks and losses. 

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Applications for Investment in Agricultural Exploration

Single Order Applications


AVIPE has several delta traps spread in the region, controlling, in this way, the flight of the grape moth, being able to support decision-making.

Applications for Small Investments in Farming

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Harvest Insurance

Installment Update


Sprayer Inspection and Calibration

Plant protection product application equipment (except equipment used in manual spraying and with a spray bar less than 3 meters wide and equipment not intended for spray application) must be inspected every 3 years. As such, AVIPE, certified by DGAV, carries out these inspections.

Nursery Inspection

The certification of vine propagation materials establishes rules and conditions for the cultures, propagation materials, packaging and labeling must comply, aiming at the production of materials with varietal and sanitary guarantees.  

AVIPE performs field and viticultural material inspections and sampling.

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Field Tests

AVIPE has a testing field where several projects and testing of new products from different companies are being carried out. This field also serves as a demonstration field where farmers are introduced to new techniques and products. 

Grape Moth Monitoring and Control

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