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Technical assistance 

This service is available through Accredited Technicians, and includes the following activities:

  • Technical assistance through field visits and technical advice in the office or by telephone contact;

  • Support to decision making;

  • Support in the preparation of the Field Book;

  • Soil, leaf and water analysis.

Grape Moth Monitoring and Control

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Monitoring the water status of the vine

Through the in loco Foliar Water Potential, AVIPE monitors the vine's water status. 

Weather Forecasts

AVIPE presents a forecasting service, thus reducing risks and losses. 

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AVIPE has several delta traps spread in the region, controlling, in this way, the flight of the grape moth, being able to support decision-making.


Sprayer Inspection and Calibration

Plant protection product application equipment (except equipment used in manual spraying and with a spray bar less than 3 meters wide and equipment not intended for spray application) must be inspected every 3 years. As such, AVIPE, certified by DGAV, carries out these inspections.

Grape Moth Monitoring and Control


Application to the Vineyard Restructuring Program

Single Order Applications

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Applications for Investment in Agricultural Exploration

Applications for Small Investments in Farming

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Harvest Insurance

Installment Update

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Field Tests

AVIPE has a testing field where several projects and testing of new products from different companies are being carried out. This field also serves as a demonstration field where farmers are introduced to new techniques and products. 

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