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Course on Driving and Operating the Tractor Safely (COTS)



35 hours

Complement the participants' theoretical and practical knowledge on driving and operating tractors safely, with a view to improving their performance on public roads and in exploration and reducing accidents.

Course Program

VIII Modules

I - Introduction to the course

II - Accidents with tractors in Portugal

III - Driving and road prevention with agricultural vehicles - road code and applicable standards


IV - Safe vehicle - Safety equipment and collective protection of the tractor - labor code and applicable standards


V - Personal protective equipment


VI - Drive and operate the tractor safely

VII - Drive the tractor in dangerous conditions and operate with active organs

VIII - Evaluation

Access Conditions

≥ 18 years of age Minimum compulsory education*

Farmers, Operators and Workers  

* Mandatory minimum education depending on the year of birth:

  • 4  years of schooling – birth until December 31, 1966;

  • 6  years of schooling – birth between January 1, 1967 and December 31, 1980;

  • 9  years of schooling – birth from January 1, 1981




For more information, see the guidance note on Qualification required for drivers and operators of agricultural vehicles:

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