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Vineyard Installation Course



8 hours

To be able to plan the installation of a vineyard; study the potential of the plot's soil; choose the rootstocks and varieties best suited to the type of soil;  perform all steps in preparing the land; implement a system of conduction and irrigation appropriate to the region

Course Program

VII Modules

I - Introduction to the course

II - Study of the land

  • Choice of percel

  • Soil study

III - Decisions to be taken before preparing the land

  • Arrangement of the vineyard on the plot (orientation)

  • Choice of rootstock

  • Choice of grape varieties

  • Ready-made vs. grafting in place

IV - Land preparation

  • Soil cleaning

  • Application of correctives and background fertilizers

  • Deep-ground mobilizations: smack vs. subsoiling

  • Installation of drainage ditches

  • Application of organic matter

  • Surface Mobilizations

  • Time signature  

V - Installation of the vineyard

  • vine planting

  • Vine support system - branching

VI - Driving the vineyard

  • Choice of driving system

  • Irrigation Systems

VII -Evaluation

Access Conditions

≥ 16  years old 

Farmers, Operators and Workers  

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