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Sustainable Agriculture Course


Labor or


25 hours

  • Identify the constituent elements of a soil, the characteristics of the main types of soil and the factors that influence its productivity and conservation;  Identify climate factors and their influence on agriculture;  Recognize the constitution of plants and their main physiological functions, with a view to their cultivation for economic use;  Identify the principles of sustainable agricultural production;  Eliminate and treat farm waste and effluents.

Course Program

VIII Modules

I - Introduction to the course

II - Soil

III - Climate

IV  - Agricultural botany

V -  Soil-plant-climate-environment relationship

SAW -  Waste and effluent from farms

VII -  sustainable agricultural production

VIII - Evaluation

Access Conditions

≥ 18  years of compulsory minimum education*

Farmers, Operators and Workers  

* Mandatory minimum education depending on the year of birth:

4  years of schooling – birth until December 31, 1966;

6  years of schooling – birth between January 1, 1967 and December 31, 1980;

9  years of schooling – birth from January 1, 1981

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