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Distribution, Marketing and Application of Plant Protection Products Course  (DCAPF)



70 hours

Empower participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes about the organization and supervision of the distribution, marketing and application of PPP, safely and in accordance with good phytosanitary practices, to mitigate as technicians

Course Program

SAW  Modules

I - Introduction to the course

II - General principles of crop protection

  • Good phytosanitary practices

  • Crop protection means

  • Integrated protection

  • organic farming

III - Safety in the use of FP, regulatory systems and risk reduction

  • Plant protection products

  • regulatory systems

  • Security in the use of PF

  • Risk reduction in the handling and application of FP

  • Risk reduction for the environment

  • Risk reduction for the consumer


IV - Application material

  • Material and application techniques


V - PF storage, responsible sales and accidents

  • Storage and sale of PF

  • FP sale

  • Accidents with PF


SAW - Evaluation

Access Conditions

≥ 18 years of age Minimum compulsory education*

Higher education in the agricultural or forestry area with curricular units in the area of crop protection. Also, qualification at level 4 or 5, or equivalent, in the aforementioned areas and curricular units, to assist another trainer in practical field training.

Technicians with specific higher education in the field of agricultural machinery – trainers in Block III.

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